Power of Media

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Servant enrolled his donkey in a race & won.

The Local news paper read:'SERVANT's ASS WON',

The king was so upset with this kind of publicity that he ordered the servant not to enter the donkey in next race..

Next day..the local paper headline read:'KING SCRATCHES SERVANT'S ASS'..

This was too much for the king, he ordered the servant to get rid of the donkey.He gave the donkey to the queen.

The local paper heading the news: "QUEEN HAS THE BEST ASS IN THE TOWN"

The king fainted.Queen sold the donkey to a farmer for 10$.

Next day paper read: "QUEEN SELLS HER ASS FOR $10.."

This was too much,King ordered the queen to buy back the donkey & lead it to jungle.

The next day Headlines: "QUEEN ANNOUNCES HER ASS IS WILD & FREE".

The king was buried next day..
Power of media...!!



Once there was loving couple traveling in a bus in a mountainous area.
They decided to get down at some place. 

After the couple got down at some place the bus moved on. 

As the bus moved on, a huge rock fell on the bus from the mountain and crushed the bus to crumbs. 

Everybody on board was killed.

The couple upon seeing that, said, 

"We wish we were on that bus".


தலைப்பு வரவில்லை!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

மர்மங்கள் அவிழும்
மர்ம இரவுக்குள்
மோகப் பயணம் புகும்
மனமே நீ திரும்புதல் அரிது.
அழுவதும் நீயே; பின் அஞ்சுவதும் நீயே!
அரவணைத்துத் துணைவரும் நிழலின் தரிசனம் காணவேண்டாவோ?
உனக்குத் தைரியம் சொல்லும் அந்தத் தைரியம் யாரோ!


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